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Urban Jungle

Indoors is the new outdoors! 

Indoor plants help to prevent sickness, reduce tension and lower stress. They help us build a comfortable and happy ambiance thereby allowing us to ultimately work better through improved concentration, heightened attention, enhanced creativity, improved productivity and overall well-being. The air-purifying and filtering properties of indoor plants effectively foster a healthier and happier working and living environment.

It may seem unbelievable that greenery can have such a favourable effect on our daily lives, but the results and smiles speak for themselves. Witness the joy a living tree like a huge Bamboo Palm brings to colleagues walking into a reception area that it inhabits, or the peaceful sleep a Snake Plant, Peace Lily, or Spider Plant in a bedroom can help foster. The advantages of indoor plants are of paramount importance for indoor environment conditions.

Our services
Interior & Exterior

Breathing Buds offers an assortment of plantscaping services, combining our expertise of plants and the capacity to source unique specimens and holders. With the ages of experience in interior plant design, we design solutions to bud greenery into your space

Our designers will come to your location, discuss your concepts, share our know-how and create a primary layout complete with suitable plant specimens and container ideas that are crafted with passion

Our team will devise an extensive design plan, source specimen plants with containers and get on the task of meticulously potting and arranging plants in your space

Our services
Office / Home plant
sale, lease and service

Are you not fully convinced of adding plants to your office permanently? Or do you have corporate events lined up where you need to decorate the space with exotic and luscious greenery? We can help you out with our specially designed lease packages. Whether it is your office, home or any name it, we will deliver. We also ensure periodic servicing of the plants to save you the trouble

Also if you do not see a particular genre that you are looking for on the website, feel free to reach out anytime

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Green Living Wall

From compact vertical gardens to dramatic multi-story statements, living walls literally bring your brand to life. Also called vertical gardens, they are panels of healthy green foliage grown vertically using hydroponics. They are grown on structures that are attached to walls to bring about a beautiful view of an otherwise mundane concrete wall

Our services
Pots, potting mixures
and products

Pots & Products
We offer an array of pot-planters, including plastic pots, Vertical Wall panels, Railing Planter, Ceramic Pots, Metallic Planters, Wooden Planters, S/S Planters, Synthetic Pots, Net Pots, Plant Food, Seedling/Germination Trays, Artificial Plants etc.
Our flower pot planters are a unique and economical way to add colour and character to your places. Get a splash of green within your walls with our Ceramic Pots or decorate your balconies with our Vertical Wall panels. Our plants keep your rooms fresh and throbbing, no matter what the climate is outdoors. And if there’s a lack of sufficient space in your apartment, you can get the net pots to stack your flora or the railing planters to hang them from your balcony railing.

Potting Mixtures

Like any garden, soil preparation is what matters for successful growth in containers. It’s the staple food for plants. We cater premium potting mixture with 100% organic fertilizer and other plant nutrients for all indoor/outdoor flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and houseplants. Our products aim to eradicate soil-borne diseases, pests and weed growth. Also, we offer wholesale and retail facilities as well.

Our services
Green gifting

We have initiated a new way of gifting in the form of pots and figurines. We consider ourselves a change agent – we make things happen and not wait for things to happen. We brainstorm new ways to redefine and refine the way that one looks at the eco-green concepts in our country