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Our Story

We are a green sanctuary experience

Welcome to
Breathing Buds

We are a green sanctuary experience

Situated in Ponnurunni, Vytila in Kerala, Breathing buds was designed for plant enthusiasts in Cochin. Since inception, we have been focussing on improving the standard of living in the concrete jungle. With an ever-growing inventory of unique plants, pots and other gardening materials, we aim to cater to any and all plant-related needs of our customers. Many large corporate offices are changing the way they perceive the indoor foliage and the healing effect of plants in their stress-filled environment. Our expertise includes indoor and outdoor plants and their maintenance, Pots & related products, plantscaping services, Green gifting, Miyawaki plantation, potting mixtures and exterior landscaping. Our choice of plants include Aglaonema, Ferns, Succulents, Dracaena, Pothos, Philodendrons, palms & Spathiphyllum

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One of the world's leading indoor plant providers

Our Vision

Breathing Buds endeavours to maintain the top position as a Plant Care Company in our area and continue to be a leader in our domain. We work to build robust client relationships where both parties listen and learn from each other. Our passionate staff also work to provide excellence in products and services. We always look for ways to grow, improve our services, and preserve our high expectations that we have developed over the years. Our ultimate goal always remains customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our objective is to nurture a greener planet by sowing the seeds of love towards plants and ensuring stellar customer service in a professional, gracious and skillful manner.

The Services
That We Render

Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Pots & Related Products

Plantscaping Services 

Green Gifting

Miyawaki Plantation

Potting Mixtures 

Exterior Landscaping